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Noshir Desai


A thorough, professional and pro-active approach

I’ve known Noshir for some years and he has taken the time to get to know my business well. He undertook a number of customer relationship reviews with my clients, designed to help me get actionable feedback regarding the services I provide and areas for future improvement. He initially spent time with me to understand my clients and the areas where I wanted to focus, adopting a thorough, professional and pro-active approach. He then designed client questionnaires and following my initial introduction, liaised directly with my clients to set up and undertake feedback calls which were well received. He quickly built rapport and following the client calls, provided useful and succinct summary feedback (both written and verbal) together with recommendations which have been very helpful. I would be happy to recommend him to SMEs who are looking to get meaningful client feedback.

Duncan Parkes of DDS Advisory Ltd.

An invaluable contribution and a huge asset

Noshir worked closely with us on a key project designed to match services from charities with children in schools requiring support. We were very impressed by his structured and professional approach - his ability to build trust and rapport with key contacts at all levels of seniority and then to providing succinct and meaningful feedback to the project really helped us to gain traction at a critical phase. He was pro-active and used initiative and through the information and insights that he provided, he made an invaluable contribution in terms of the overall project objectives. He was easy to work with and quickly formed strong relationships with the project team. Noshir was a huge asset to us and I would definitely be happy to recommend him to any business owners looking to get a better understanding of their clients’ needs.

Nathalie Richards, CEO, EduKit

Easy to work with and enthusiastic

I used Noshir to obtain client feedback and found him both professional and easy to work with. He initially provided helpful suggestions regarding areas to review and following my introduction, liaised directly with my client to set up and conduct the interview. This was well received and he has an enthusiastic and pro-active style which I liked. The information obtained was succinctly presented and has provided a useful and helpful insight regarding my own strengths and approach. He also talked me through his report findings and provided recommendations how to use the information on my social media. I would be happy to recommend him to business owners looking to get a deeper understanding of their clients.

David Daws, Financial Services IFA

Well organised, good with stakeholders and meeting deadlines

Noshir worked with me as part of a specialist Risk team that analysed the reasons for distressed corporate lending failure. He successfully managed a project to review the debt portfolio of the Retail sector which was well received and he was also a key member of another project covering the Manufacturing sector. He is well organised, good with stakeholders and team working, plus meeting deadlines. Noshir demonstrated a solid appreciation of the wider risk issues to be considered and approaches that can be taken to mitigate, which is derived from his extensive financial services sector experience. I would be happy to recommend him.

Colin Baker, Senior Manager, Lloyds Bank

Highly capable and excellent marketing for new business

Noshir headed up the team managing the relationship banking needs of local authorities and central government departments and sourcing new business. Noshir is highly capable - adept at both handling without fuss the day to day issues that arose and excellent at marketing for new business. He is an excellent man manager able to motivate his team members whilst always maintaining a calm and ever positive approach. He is a great team player. He is well organised and successfully project managed the department's campaign to grow deposits. In my view he would be excellent in a wide variety of roles and I am happy to recommend him.

Brendan Whitworth, Relationship Manager, The Housing Finance Corporation